What is MySway?

MySway is an innovative platform that connects micro-influencers with brands to create and collaborate.

Where is MySway located?

MySway is currently located in Toronto with the full intention of expanding to other countries across North America, Europe, and Asia.

How does MySway work?

MySway offers a more extensive roster of influencers that brands can partner with to create content and most importantly, generate revenue. With our sophisticated algorithm, we can track the influencers performance and engagement; this determines an influencers Sway.

What is Sway?

Sway is a score that is calculated by our unique algorithm, and it measures the performance and engagement of the influencer on multiple levels. The Sway score is used to rank influencers on our leaderboards that way brands can identify the perfect influencer for their campaign.

Who can join?

Any brand or influencer is welcome to join!

How can I join MySway?

Businesses and influencers can join MySway at www.mysway.com or by downloading our App in the App Store.

What are the social media platforms that MySway supports?

MySway currently supports Instagram but has full intention to branch out to other platforms in the future.

Where are the creators on MySway located?

Our creators are currently located in Toronto, Canada, but we’ll be expanding globally in the near future.

How long does it take to make a deal?

A deal can be made between brands and influencers in a matter of minutes!

What are the advantages of micro-influencers marketing?

Micro influencers offer hyper-targeted marketing at an affordable price!

What costs should I expect using MySway?

The app is entirely free-to-use! The only cost associated with the app is a 5% fee taken from the brand and influencer for each campaign completed.

How are payments made?

All payments are made using PayPal.